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This site is aimed to provide complete information on Uterine Myoma (Fibroids/Tumors) and Ovarian Cysts and intends to suggest Homeopathy as the safest cure for these wide-spread diseases. Get Rid of Uterine Fibroid Tumors( Myomas )! NO Surgery! At least, that’s what my study and research has shown over the years. With over 90% success ratio in treating Uterine Myoma and Ovarian Cyst and with continuous research on both the disease and patients, I have come forward to take this safe treatment to the world and provide women world over easy access to information and diagnosis consultation over the web.The disease of ‘Uterine Fibroid’ or Myomas (Tumor) and ‘Ovarian Cysts’ is very common in women these days. Uterine Fibroids, or leioMyoma, is one of the most frequent tumors of the uterus. Almost 25% of women are affected at one time during their life.

What is Myoma ??
Uterine myomas also called “fibroids” are tumors that grow from the wall of the uterus. The wall of the uterus is made of muscle tissue, so a fibroid is a tumor made of muscle tissue. The fibroids start off very small, actually from one cell, and generally grow slowly over years before they cause any problems. Most fibroids are benign; malignant fibroids are rare. The cause of fibroids is unknown, although it is known that fibroids have a tendency to run in families. Fibroids are very common, with an estimated 50% of women having them. Fibroids can be diagnosed by pelvic examination or by ultrasound. Fibroids do not have to be removed unless they are causing symptoms such as heavy periods, irregular bleeding, or severe cramps with periods. Also, sometimes the size alone causes enough discomfort so that removal is necessary. Once women go through menopause, fibroids do not usually cause any further problems.

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Treatment :
The only treatment in modern allopathy is to remove the Uterus, which is called “Hysterectomy”. In some cases only Myoma (tumor) are removed, called “Myomectomy”.

In above patients, the Homoeopathic treatment has been very fruitful and convenient.
These Myomas (Tumor, cyst) can be dissolved during 1-3 months with the help of homoeopathic medicine. While taking homoeopathic medicine women may continue there home work, they may save money and their operation may be avoided as well. Know About Safe and Sure Homeopathic Treatment.

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